The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Outstanding communication has seven elements: red emotions, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth, and purple soul. I call this a rainbow.

By creating a rainbow, you ensure you connect colorfully with your audience.

       David Martin

Communication today is a competitive sport. We compete in a noisy world to be heard and seen as leaders, speakers, presenters, trainers, facilitators, performers, and in any role where we wish to connect with an audience. This blog is about how you can stand out and be heard by using the seven colors of my Speak the Rainbow™ concept.

For many years I struggled as a public speaker and comedian. My struggles helped me create Speak the Rainbow™. This blog is a place to share my ideas, experience, and passion for public speaking and creating colorful connections with an audience. I hope you will speak your rainbow by discovering how these 7 simple keys can help you shine as a speaker and a communicator.

Do you Speak your Rainbow?

Free your rainbow

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