Speaking my rainbow at TEDxGEM
Speaking my rainbow at TEDxGEM

I believe outstanding communication has seven elements: red emotions, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth, and purple soul. I call this a rainbow.

By creating a rainbow when you speak or present your ideas, you ensure you connect colorfully with your audience. You increase your clarity, poise, impact, presence, eloquence, power, charisma, fun, ease, and opportunities! Ten reasons to keep reading…

       David Martin

Communication today is a competitive sport. We compete in a noisy world to be heard in any role where we wish to connect with an audience. You can stand out, have confidence, and leave an impact by using the seven colors of my Speak the Rainbow™ concept.

For years I struggled as a public speaker and comedian. My passion to improve led me to create Speak the Rainbow™ as a simple tool to hone my own speaking skills. Today I share my ideas, experience, and passion for public speaking in workshops in multinational companies and on stages around the world.

You can add color and clarity to your message and wow audiences by learning how to use these seven colors in your communication. Want to know more? Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive my regular posts or reach out to me to do a workshop, speak at your event, or coach you. I hope you speak your rainbow by discovering how these 7 simple keys will ensure you connect colorfully with your audience.

Do you Speak your Rainbow?