What is the rainbow?

Rainbow Screen shot
Screen shot of rainbow on my son’s phone

Rainbows are rare. Rainbows are awesome. Rainbows make people excited enough to take photos and share them like this one that arrived on my son’s phone while we were also admiring the same rainbow from our livingroom window.

Singers, performers, and public speakers also deliver those rare and awesome moments which everyone wants to share. The best TED and TEDx talks go viral and are shared by millions of people. I call these moments rainbow speaking.

So what is the rainbow? A  rainbow has seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Even though some colors might appear easier to spot than others, all seven colors form a balanced harmony. A rainbow speech also has seven elements: emotion, energy, joy, hope, vision, depth, and soul. I give each of the seven elements the rainbow color which relates to it symbolically in order to  powerfully intensify our memory of that word. When you speak the rainbow, you use red emotions, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth and purple soul. This color symbolism has always existed. The red emotions of love and hate have across history and cultures been depicted by red. The symbol of the Sun King in France and today’s happy face smiley both draw power from the joyful color of yellow.

Yellow Happy Face
Yellow Happy Face
Yellow Sun King logo
Yellow Sun King logo

Color helps us memorize the key elements of a rainbow speech and makes it easier to spot one. I believe rainbow speaking is as natural and awesome as the rainbow that appears outside our window. People naturally connect colorfully by using and balancing the seven colors of red emotion, orange energy, yellow joy, green hope, blue vision, indigo depth, and purple soul. That is the secret of rainbow speaking. I invite you to speak your rainbow and create truly memorable moments as you connect colorfully with your audience.


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