What’s your Blue Vision?

What’s your Blue Vision?

While waiting to go through departures security at the airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I noticed two very large posters placed on either side of the queues of impatient and anxious travellers. And I noticed on the poster simple communication techniques which I call Blue Vision. This intrigued me and I told my daughter to step aside so I could take a photo. Another passenger saw me and I noticed he was perplexed. What is so interesting about this image and how does its use of Blue Vision create effective communication?

A powerful Blue message to accompany the men and women in blue Uniforms

Remember this sign appears right before entering the security screening zone at the airport where travellers are focused on their own fears (ie. red emotions) and questions eg. What if I am stopped? What if I am delayed and I miss my flight? What if they find the maple syrup that I have in my carry-on bag?

However, the “I”- focused sentence, “I am professional singer, a college student and a screening officer” invites us to see the world through the eyes of the screening officer called Olumayowa. This is not just Bob or Bill or a machine. Olumayowa is a unique name which intentionally reminds us that this is a “real” individual with his own “real” career, passions, background, and life. The “I”- focused sentence invites us to enter Olumayowa’s world and see his experience through his eyes. And this makes passengers realize (unconciously or not) they will be interacting with a diverse set of humans with real stories and passions as they go through the security screening process.

This did in fact work on me as I noticed the “real” difficulties and “real” pleasures of the agents who were doing their best to deal with the flow of travellers. And as I did, I forgot about my own fears. I enjoyed “seeing” the agents find forgotten liquids like water and shampoo, suspiciously sharp objects (including a metal lock on a diary) and even bottles of maple syrup which had to be surrendered. (So sad!) I saw the world through the agents’ eyes and this is what you want your audience to do when you speak too. When we Speak the Rainbow™, we use “I”- focused sentences like the one on this poster to let our audience see the world through our eyes.

So, next time you prepare to speak, think of letting your audience see the real you just like the security guard on the poster above. Share your true background, experience and passions so that people want to hear your unique message and benefit from your Blue Vision.

I made the video below while in Calgary to help you understand this essential part of your Speak the Rainbow™ communication. It’s my Blue Vision. What’s yours?

PS. Can you see the subtle use of Orange Energy in the bold letters on the poster? This touch of Orange Energy is the necessary complement of Blue to make the key message stand out.

2 thoughts on “What’s your Blue Vision?

  1. As the Depeche Mode song says “see the world through my eyes….” wonderful blue! Come to Greece that’s full of BLUE energy (and orange!) . This reminds me of the basic colors of personality (True Colors).

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